Rubilyn Gitgano

IMG_9831Rubilyn Gitgano


School: Crotona Academy High School
Grades Taught: 9-12
Subjects Taught: Biology
Cohort: 6

Rubilyn earned her B.S. in General Science from one of the leading teacher education colleges in the Philippines, Cebu Normal University. After graduation, she taught in both private and public high schools in the country for seven years. She earned her M.S. in Teaching in 2005 and an M.S. in Special Education in 2011 at the University of the Visayas, Cebu City, Philippines. She was hired as an international teacher in New York City in 2005, and has been teaching as a biology teacher at Crotona Academy High School ever since. In 2007, she was appointed to work with her school's administration in the Children First Intensive Program (CFI) as member of the Inquiry Team, in which she has remained active. In addition, she is the school's data specialist, MOSL designee and Testing Coordinator. She was accepted in the Common Core Fellow program in 2012, and has provided assistance to her school's around the implementation of the Comon Core Learning Standards as the CCLS Instructional Lead. She has also conducted other professional development sessions around ARIS training and Use of Datacation, and Performance Task Designing and Alignment. In 2013, she earned her M.S. in Science Education from Lehman College through the Teacher Education for Advanced Science Preparation program.

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