Rocheli Apilan

IMG_9832Rocheli Apilan


School: High School for Health Professions and Human Services
Grades Taught: 9-12
Subjects Taught: Chemistry
Cohort: 6

Rocheli taught General and Applied Chemistry such as Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Quantum Chemistry courses for sixteen years in the Philippines. She came to New York in 2004 under the New York City Board of Education sponsorship. While she was strong in her content area, she had to learn new instructional strategies in her first years to increase student engagement and master classroom management. She spent many hours planning her lessons, seeking help from her colleagues and attending numerous professional developments, and ultimately committed to staying in the city as a teacher.

By collaborating with fellow educators through the Sci-Ed Innovators, Rocheli would like to gain new ideas and innovative instructional strategies that she can implement in her classroom to address individual learner’s needs and giving each and every student access to learning.

WIC - Amplifying Understanding

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