Mark Cheng

Mark Cheng


School: Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction
Grades Taught: 10, 12
Subjects Taught: Conceptual Physics and Regents Physics
Cohort: 7

Mark is entering his third year of teaching at the Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction. There are times that he finds his current role as the Physics teacher to be strange because it was always a subject that he was never great in. Despite not being the best at (and a bit fearful of) Electrodynamics and Differential Equations, he does have a deep passion and appreciation for Physics and he shares this with his students every day.

Mark grew up in Brooklyn and is proud to be a graduate of the New York City public schools. He was fortunate to have numerous teachers in elementary and middle school that instilled the passion of science, social justice and environmental awareness in him. Despite the deep passion and appreciation for Physics, Chemistry is actual his first love. The love began in Brooklyn Tech High School, where they were high school sweethearts. It continued on at SUNY Stony Brook, where they gained the “freshman 15” together. Although there was brief break between them, they ultimately committed to each other at the University of Washington, where Mark earned his PhD in Physical Chemistry.

Prior to teaching, Mark had numerous opportunities to work with youths that lead him to the path of teaching. These fortunate opportunities included being a year-long Teaching Assistant to the 8th grade math teacher at the East Side Community MS/HS in New York (under the Middle Grades Initiative Program at CUNY Hunter College) and working with and tutoring numerous students (from the UW Math Upward Bound Program) at Chief Sealth HS, Franklin HS and Cleveland HS in Seattle.


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