Liza Kalinichenko

Yelyzaveta Liza Kalinichenko


School: Wadleigh Secondary School for the Visual and Performing Arts
Grades Taught: 6, 9-12
Subjects Taught: General Science, Forensics, Living Environment, Earth Science
Cohort: 8

Yelyzaveta is a full time high school special education science teacher at Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She was born and raised in Ukraine. She has taught Living Environment, Earth Science, Forensic, Geometry and is looking forward to teaching the 6th grade Science for the upcoming school year. Her level of commitment to her students is nothing short of incredible. Given that many of her students have learning disabilities; her ability to transfer knowledge to them in ways that engages their minds with hands on learning is remarkable. She has encyclopedic knowledge of her students, their families, and personal lives, and she designs her lessons with them always in her mind. Additionally, Yelyzaveta is always taking steps to help herself and her science team to grow professionally. She is committed to growth and is continuously looking for ways to improve her teaching practices and pedagogy.

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