Joshua Quansah

Joshua Quansah


School: MS 117- Joseph Wade Academy
Grades Taught: 6-8
Subjects Taught: General Science
Cohort: 7

Joshua came to the United States from Ghana after completing the Geological Engineering (Dip) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, School of Mines and working in both underground and Surface mines in Ghana, as a Mine Geologist and Exploration Geologist. Prior to Joshua's College education, he taught Physics, Math, and Engineering drawing to Junior Secondary School students as a national service. It was during that time that he developed the passion for teaching. Later, he volunteered as a teacher at the YMCA School for the Handicapped (Ghana) for two years.

When Joshua arrived in the United States, he worked as a Field Supervisor for the Allied Barton Security Services, this work entailed driving around the five boroughs of New York and also New Jersey in the night, to inspect security officers for the proper credentials and uniform compliance. Partly driven by passion to impart knowledge and partly as a tribute to a teacher who had impacted his life, Joshua reciprocated by teaching students from the Assembly of God Church (Church of Revelation in the Bronx) during the summer holidays free of charge. As Joshua realized that a lot of students needed help but he couldn’t reach them, without possessing the credentials as a New York certified teacher, he enrolled at the City University of New York (CUNY), Lehman College to pursue education. Given his high GPA, he applied for and was granted the Robert Noyce Scholarship to complete both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

Joshua completed his studies at Lehman College in 2014 and has been teaching General Science to 7th and 8th grade students for 2 years at the Joseph Wade Academies (MS 117) in the Bronx. Joshua believes in professional collaborations and networking as enhancements so he regularly attends weekend workshops at the Teachers College of Columbia University where a group of New York teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math meet, he volunteers as a Science ambassador for the World Science Festival (City of Science) and presented a workshop at Washington DC during the National Science Foundation (NSF) conference in May 2013.

Joshua is keen to see his students get equipped with the STEM skills that are needed for STEM careers of the 21st century. Joshua believes that when stereotypic ideas are removed and students given the proper support and voice they could be more successful. Joshua is convinced that Sci-Ed innovators fellowship is a conduit that can hone his craft in democratic pedagogy and eventually spur his students to more STEM careers.


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