Joram Dade

Joram Dade


School: Washington Irving Middle School
Grades Taught: 7th
Subjects Taught: General Science

Cohort: 1

Hi, I'm Joram Dade. I am originally from Houston, Texas. I was recruited and here to attend UMASS Boston for my masters focused on educating students in science. I have been teaching for 5 years but have been in BPS for 2 years. I love the understanding dynamics of phenomena. I like to find the science in everything which leads me to have a real dynamic connection with students because my science knowledge goes beyond the curriculum in school and extends itself out to everyday interests in life. I try to get students to understand how important science is and even more so, the imagination and inquiry of things they view through their eyes. I'm and avid basketball player, music producer and hobby scientist in my spare time. I love lobster and shrimp, and consider my imagination to be my biggest strength.

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