Chantelle Claxton

IMG_3470Chantelle Claxton


School: ACORN Community High School
Grades Taught: 10
Subjects Taught: Earth Science
Cohort: 7

Chantelle began her teaching career as a NYC Teaching Fellow in 2008 and has developed an immense passion for educating at-risk youth. She has taught Living Environment, AP Biology, Earth Science, and is looking forward to teaching Environmental Science for the upcoming school year. Chantelle works diligently to provide her students with meaningful instruction that aide in the development of their academic, social, and communication skills. She continues to inspire her students to explore the multiple dimensions of science through in-depth discussions, investigatory projects, and outdoor explorations. Chantelle is committed to growth and is continuously looking for ways to improve her teaching practices. She believes that attending educational conferences, part-taking in professional development workshops, and joining professional networks are an integral part of us educators keeping our momentum for our ever evolving population of students. She has also committed herself to being a collaborative partner among colleagues by leading numerous professional developments and serving as a new teacher mentor. Chantelle has been selected to be a model teacher by the office of Teacher Career Pathways and is a Teacher Leadership Quality Partnership fellow and is super excited to now be a Sci-Ed Innovators fellow.

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