Channa Comer

channaChanna Comer

School: Baychester Middle School
Grade: 6
Cohort: 3

Channa discovered a love of science almost by accident during her undergraduate years, but it was not until many years later that she made the decision to pursue education as a career. Now in her eighth year of teaching, Channa switched to teaching middle school after four years in high school to become a founding teacher of Baychester Middle School in the Bronx. Channa’s big vision is to inspire students to view science as discovery, to build a classroom culture of hard work, empowerment, risk-taking, collaboration and fun, and to ultimately influence students to want to continue to learn about science and to pursue STEM careers. Channa contributes to her school community as the founder and coordinator of the Baychester Middle School Science and Engineering Club, Science Department Team Leader, and Education Specialist of Baychester Middle School’s after school program. Channa is equally passionate about inspiring STEM teachers and has led professional development both locally and nationally. In addition to her work with the Sci-Ed Innovators, Channa is also a Math for America Master Teacher as well as a consultant with the New York Hall of Science and the STEM Leadership Institute.

WIC 1 - Power to the People
WIC 2 - Culture Club

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