Natasha Harbin

NIMG_3462atasha Harbin


School: PS 133
Grades Taught: K-5
Cohort: 7

Natasha has always had an affinity for science. It started out as pure curiosity of the world around her. Growing up in Brooklyn with West Indian parents afforded her vast simplistic encounters with nature. Throughout her childhood and young adult life, she enjoyed visiting the zoos, aquarium, botanical gardens, beaches and exploring her family's backyards in both Brooklyn and Trinidad. Everything she learned, she enjoyed teaching to others. When deciding her career, she infused her affections for science with her enjoyment of educating others as a teacher. She then went on to receive a B.A. in Early Childhood Education, M.S. in Science and Environmental Education and M.S. in Students with Disabilities. Natasha is currently a science teacher and coach at P.S. 133. She is a committed educator, always seeking to further develop her teaching practices.

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